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Urlaub in Käfertal. Ein Reiseführer

Holidays in Käfertal. A travel guide
Exhibition concept, research, texts and editing: Moritz Henning

Urlaub in Käfertal presents 30 places in Mannheim’s Käfertal district on the basis of a specially designed tour plan, giving an insight into the district’s architectural, cultural, social and economic development. As a district, Käfertal offers a great deal of diversity. Not only do people of very different origins live here together, who have settled here over the centuries and left their mark. In terms of urban development, Käfertal also reveals itself as an exciting structure of very different, overlapping layers of time, each of which refers to changing social, technological or political conditions. The travel guide turns Käfertal into an exhibition of the contemporary city with all its facets and distortions.

Urlaub in Käfertal is part of the Spinelli FreiRaumLab, one of three Mannheim guest projects of the Internationale Bauausstellung Heidelberg as part of their presentation period. Spinelli Freiraumlab was cureated by Sally Below and Christopher Dell, who invited me to develop the exhibition. Urlaub in Käfertal will take place from 04.05.2022 to 10.07.2022.

The Spinelli FreiRaumLab network is conducting an experimental process to make existing spaces and green areas between the Käfertal-Süd district and the new Spinelli neighbourhood usable in a neighbourly and flexible way and to explore new ways of cooperation. The core of the Spinelli FreiRaumLab is the sharing of knowledge, resources and space. The network defines FreiRaum (open space) in a sense of free thinking and as open, real spaces indoors and outdoors.