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Mayors / Players / Urban visions
Film programme and panel discussions

Idea, concept and realization: Moritz Henning, Sally Below and Hans Hermann Albers
Curated with Stadtkultur International e. V. and srl at CLB Berlin

Large-scale urban development projects are often symbols of progress and modernity. Mayors / Players / Urban Visions followed the protagonists of such projects in the Chinese and German provinces. What is it that pushes them onto the big political stage? What do their ideas, their actions, their success or failure tell us about our societies? Why, despite all the cultural differences, are some of the stories so strikingly similar? What can we learn from them about utopias, motives, power, seduction, our understanding of culture and ourselves?


The Chinese Mayor
Director: Zhou Hao, CHN 2014

New Town
Director: Jens Franke, D 2013

Dr. Eduard Kögel (Stadtkultur International e. V.)
Dr. Christian Strauß (SRL)


Henners Traum
Director: Klaus Stern, D 2008

Klaus Stern, documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, director of „Henners Traum“ (Henner’s Dream)
Hartmut Rein, Professor of Sustainable Destination Management and one of the directors of the Centre for Sustainable Tourism (ZENAT) at the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde, managing partner of the tourism consulting, planning and marketing office BTE Tourismus- und Regionalberatung in Berlin


The land of many palaces
Adam James Smith, Song Ting, USA 2014

Eva Sternfeld, Sinologist
Johannes Küchler, Emeritus Professor of the Institute for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the TU Berlin


Parchim International
Directors: Stefan Eberlein and Manuel Fenn

Dr. Frank Jost, scientific advisor at vhw – Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung e.V., urban and regional planner and active in the SRL
Jochen Noth, journalist and university lecturer in Beijing from 1979 to 1988, since then involved in numerous projects of German-Chinese cooperation in the economic and cultural field, in technology transfer, most recently in vocational training.