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Architectural Guide Phnom Penh
English edition

Idea, concept, text, and images: Moritz Henning and Walter Koditek
DOM Publishers, Berlin, Germany

The architectural guide is the result of many years of study of the architecture of Phnom Penh. Since my first visit to Cambodia in 2007, I was fascinated by the unique architectural style of Phnom Penh’s architecture. For the guidebook, I teamed up with my friend Walter Koditek, who lived in Cambodia for many years.

The guide offers a comprehensive overview of Phnom Penh’s built heritage, highlighting its history and architectural layers. In addition to covering better-known masterpieces, it also takes readers through the city’s „everyday architecture“, revealing places off the beaten track. Illustrated with contemporary photographs and historical images, the book presents more than 140 works that illuminate the four major phases of development in the city’s ever-changing urban history. It thus makes an important contribution to current debates on heritage preservation in the booming metropolis. Interviews with local experts present their individual perspectives on the city and place the buildings in a broader context.

Thanks to many Cambodian sponsors, the invaluable support of our friends in Phnom Penh, Din Somethearith and Alexis de Suremain, and last but not least DOM Publishers we were able to realise this book.

The guidebook is available here.

A Khmer edition followed the English edition in 2021.