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Yangon Modern

All texts and images: Moritz Henning
Bauwelt 18/2019

For many decades, Myanmar – formerly Burma – was cut off from the world. With the slow opening in recent years, the opportunity to get to know the country’s architecture has opened up. Especially in the largest city and former capital Yangon, exciting insights into an unknown architectural history, German-Myanmar relations and a young architectural scene become possible.

The editors of German architectural magazine Bauwelt immediately agreed when I suggested the topic and gave me the opportunity to produce the thematic contributions. Three contributions shed light on different aspects of Yangon’s architecture:

Eine diverse Moderne / A diverse modernity
Yangon’s post-independence architecture reflects the complex political circumstances and manifold influences that affected the country in the 20th century.

Ein Leben zwischen Deutschland und Myanmar: Interview mit dem Architekten Kin Maung Lwin /
A life between Germany and Myanmar: Interview with the architect Kin Mang Lwin
Kin Maung Lwin studied architecture in Dresden, German Democratic Republic, then went back to Yangon to work with Architects Group II. In 1976, he moved back to Germany again, where he started an impressive second carreer. Today, he commutes between Germany and Myanmar.

Yangons Architekturszene heute / Yangon’s architectural scene today
A portrait of three architectural practices in Yangon

Top: University Library, Yangon. Image: Moritz Henning