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Modulor 02/2014: Kambodscha

Thematic issue of the Swiss architecture magazine modulor on Cambodia with two articles and images by me:

Vann Molyvann – Architekt des Königs / Vann Molyvann – Architect of the king
Vann Molyvann, now 87 years old, looks back on an eventful life. From his birthplace in the Cambodian province, he went to Paris to study during the French colonial period, where he discovered his enthusiasm for architecture at the École des Beaux Arts. Back in Cambodia, he became one of the key figures in the country’s modernisation.

Das „Weisse Haus“ von Phnom Penh / The „White House“ of Phnom Penh
Hardly a day goes by without people armed with cameras roaming through the famous „White Building“ in Phnom Penh. There are numerous projects of a cinematic or photographic nature about the building and its residents, student workshops deal with the building, the German movie director Detlef Buck made it the central setting of his film „Same same but different“, and the magazine Marie Claire declared it Phnom Penh’s most notorious sex district. What makes this building so special?

Top: The National Sports Complex by Vann Molyvann. Image: Moritz Henning