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La Seine in Phnom Penh

Text: Moritz Henning
Images: Moritz Henning, Walter Koditek
Südostasien. Zeitschrift für Politik, Kultur, Dialog

The esteemed German online magazine „Südostasien. Zeitschrift für Politik, Kultur, Dialog“, asked to share some thoughts about Cambodia for their issue 3/2021, „Colonialism in Southeast Asia – Negotiating Memory“. La Seine in Phnom Penh explores how the architectural styles of the former French colonial power have found their way into the contemporary architecture of Phnom Penh. The accompanying photo story shows forms of appropriation as well as the complexity of identity construction.

Top: The construction project „La Seine“ in Phnom Penh, one of many project developments that relate to the French colonial period. Image: Moritz Henning