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Die Berliner Bauausstellungen – Wegweiser in die Zukunft?

The Berlin Building Exhibitions – Signposts to the Future?
Edited by Sally Below, Moritz Henning and Heike Oevermann
Images: Moritz Henning

With the 50th anniversary of Interbau 1957 in Berlin’s Hansaviertel and the 20th anniversary of the International Building Exhibition in 1987, 2007 marked two events that were equally groundbreaking for the development of Berlin after the war. Both are exemplary for the socio-political positions and urban design approaches of their time. Now that Berlin thinks about another International Building Exhibition. It was time to evaluate both exhibitions. Which solutions survive the times? Which results are sustainable? And how should we think about IBA today? We took the chance to ask what a future building exhibition should look like.

The book is based on the series of events IBA 1957 – IBA 1987 – AND HOW TO CONTINUE? I organized with Sally Below and Heike Oevermann, and expands on the ideas gained there.

With contributions by:
Markus Bader, Sally Below, Michael Braum, Werner Durth, Peter Ebner, Oliver Frey, Uli Hellweg, Moritz Henning, Robert Kaltenbrunner, Harald Kraft, Regula Lüscher, Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, Ralf Metal, Erhart Pfotenhauer, Daniela Riedel, Matthias Sauerbruch, Günter Schlusche, Christiane Scholz, Oliver Schwedes, Irene Wiese-von Ofen

„This book is a must for anyone who wants to have a say in new IBA projects.“
Green Building 04/2008

„A successful, interesting overview and certainly a relevant question – not only for the former airport site in Tempelhof.“
Baunetz 3 August 2008

ISBN 978-3-929273-72-4

The book is available here.

Top: Housing project for the International Building Exhibition 1987 at Fraenkelufer, Berlin. Image: Moritz Henning